Crátera  Intervenciones  Subacuáticas  S.L. is a firm that com- bines a highly skilled personnel with the use of the latest  tech- nologies in the fields of marine and hydraulic works, commercial diving and scientific diving.

The fast pace of technological advances and the implementation of those new technologies in industrial processes, civil enginee- ring, ship building, hydraulic works, telecommunication networks and  scientific  studies  demand the  highest skill  level  from the technicians in charge of carrying out these works.

The task of Crátera  Intervenciones  Subacuáticas  S.L. lies in projecting and  developing works  in underwater environments (be it marine or inland waters) that demand a training and envi- ronmental adaptation ability using  specialized equipment  (con- taminant gases,  polluted waters,  etc).  The industries that  re- quire our services usually need them  carried out in an efficient, highly professional  way and with the  application of  the latest technologies in underwater engineering.

Our  technical  and  human assets  in  permanent  technical and scientifical updating,  the warranty  of a  staff with an extensive experience  in  inspection,  repair and  construction  works, and more than  40  years  developing projects  in Spain,  have made Crátera Intervenciones  Subacuáticas  S.L. a reliable firm, with a satisfied client portfolio and a very pomising future.